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Russian manufacturer of telecommunications and IT equipment

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BULAT is a Russia-based manufacturer of high-tech infrastructure equipment for telecom and IT systems, and also implements turnkey integration projects of any complexity. BULAT builds the basis for the nationwide import substitution program being implemented at government agencies, educational institutions, and critical IT facilities. Also, it is engaged in solving other infrastructure tasks as part of the Digital Economy National Project. About
For data center
Productive and fault-tolerant data center network infrastructure for enterprises of various levels
For the corporate network
A productive, reliable, secure corporate network for internal, external and remote users
Integration of private communication channels into a single virtual network factory managed centrally using an SD-WAN controller

The latest developments of the BULAT company

The products are used in government agencies, state corporations, telecom operators and industrial enterprises.

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The switch is a powerful traffic aggregation and switching device
A full-featured converged access platform designed for cost-effective provision of wired communication services
for innovative developments, the BULAT company
on the software developed by BULAT
BULAT is a reliable partner!
Priority to reliable developments

Production of reliable equipment, relying on technological partnership with leading global and Russian companies.

Production in Russia

Design, development, production, implementation and technical support of telecommunication and IT solutions

Economically sound solutions

Effective solutions that guarantee customers the maximum return on investment in IT.

Comprehensive solutions

Ready-made integrated solutions for small, medium and large enterprises, as well as for data processing centers.

Equipment from the register of radio-electronic products (RAP)

Product catalog
Network equipment
Internet of Things (IoT)
Servers and storage
New equipment

Technical support

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Production map of our products

The design, development, production, implementation and technical support of telecommunications and IT solutions of the BULAT company are carried out by its own employees.