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BULAT is a Russia-based company that develops telecommunications and IT equipment. It is preliminary focused on import substitution and product localization. BULAT aims at expanding and developing equipment and solutions by adapting the world's best innovative technologies to Russian specifics. Its success is based on three main pillars, namely producibility, competence, and innovation.

R&D activities, serial production of innovative developments, as well as cooperation with partners among the leading Russian manufacturers of telecommunications and IT equipment, allow the company to be an industry expert and an innovator of advanced network solutions in the domestic market.

March 18, 2015 – establishment of BULAT LLC with the support and assistance from Rostelecom PJSC, UIMC Group, and Qtech LLC to achieve the goal of developing and promoting telecommunications and IT equipment on the Russian market.

Autumn 2016 – agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation on the joint development of new types of telecommunications and IT equipment.

Spring 2017 – opening of a separate business unit in Ryazan.

Spring 2017 – establishment of BULAT R&D Center.

Summer 2018 – partnership with Skolkovo Innovation Center.

Autumn 2018 – BULAT R&D Center becomes the member of Skolkovo Innovation Center.

July 2019 – manufacture of the first version of BR100-24F6X, BR100-28F8X router, BS7500-48X6Qb vCPE BM100 routing switch

November 2019 – manufacture of the first version of B-DSS-500-RD storage system

Summer 2020 – manufacture of BR100-12F8XCI routers, Bulat-32 meters

September 2020 - BR100-24F6X, BS7500-48X6Q, vCPE BM1000 were assigned TORP (now ERRRP) status

December 2020 – launch of BS7500-48Y6C data center switch, BS-102, BS-201, BS-202 servers

March 2021 – launch of BS-201 server series

July 2021 – launch of B-DSS-500-RD storage series