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BULAT took part in the Moscow Nights Congress 16.10.2019

BULAT took part in the Moscow Nights Congress

At the end of September 2019, the XIII annual Moscow Nights Congress was held. Traditionally, this forum brought together the heads of IT departments of the largest Russian corporations. This year, in the demonstration zone of the forum, within the framework of the joint Trusted Platform stand, BULAT demonstrated domestic telecom and IT solutions of its own design.

The business program of the forum included several sessions, one of which touched upon the issue of IT import substitution.

It is now a new issue, however, many mistakes have already been made in creating domestic hardware and software in Russia, and sometimes it is useful to discuss them.

The session was attended by:

  • Andrey Tikhonov (President, Trusted Platform Association).
  • Yury Plyasunov (Deputy Director for Radio Electronics, Ministry of Industry and Trade).
  • Nikolay Zubarev (Head of the working group on the digital economy, ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika).
  • Igor Zakharchenko (Head of ITO Development Center, LUKOIL).
  • Pavel Smirnov ( Deputy General Director, Avtomatika).


The session was held in the format of an open dialogue with the audience, during which both the presidium and the guests had equal rights and opportunities to express their opinion.

Andrey Tikhonov, as president of the Trusted Platform Association, set the main vector of the discussion.

Threats and information security.

Trust in critical information infrastructure (hereinafter referred to as CII) has been the most discussed topic of the last 5 years. Of course, threats, including those to telecommunications and IT infrastructure, are widely discussed at all levels. Cybercrime has become more organized. It is not a yobbery anymore but a whole industry, which already poses danger to entire sectors of the economy.

More recently, we perceived information security as password, personal information, and Internet resources protection. We now understand that the abilities and resources of cybercriminals have become proportional to the value of the company's assets that need to be protected. Global DDoS attacks and more have appeared.

The danger of threats that are “implanted” in hardware is discussed very seriously not only in our country but throughout the world. The only guarantee for CII protection is the full product lifecycle. This means the availability of a complete set of software and hardware that is critical for any digital service. Of course, requirements for these solutions must be graded by the market. CI, State Authorities, and industry representatives pose different requirements for both hardware and software. It is now clear to everyone that traffic encryption will not lead to the construction of a secure information infrastructure.

Trusted Platform that involves industry experts and specialists, including BULAT specialists, has already categorized the threats associated with hardware. Analysis of threats covers both backdoors and hardware weaknesses.


Andrey Tikhonov noted that there is already a backup in terms of a trusted electronic component base created in Russia. Thanks to existing Russian ECB-based solutions it is possible to manufacture high-quality telecommunications equipment.

Yury Plyasunov, Deputy Director for Radio Electronics, Ministry of Industry and Trade, emphasized two main problems in the industry:

· scattered and poorly coordinated work of the industry participants. The development and production of IT solutions do not often follow the market needs;

· lack of young talents who can work with domestic electronic products, which leads to the problem of implementation and operation of domestic developments at enterprises.

To solve these problems, the state began to create production and industrial consortiums, involving scientific and manufacturing companies and key customers of particular products.

This will allow the state to focus on the products and solutions that are really in demand on the market.


Within the framework of the forum, BULAT demonstrated a number of its own telecommunications and IT solutions that compete with the leading vendors. BULAT products are based on proprietary hardware and software developments. In aggregate, the degree of localization in some BULAT solutions exceeds 70%. Forum guests were able to get acquainted with the following BULAT products:

· BS7500 series switch, powerful traffic aggregation and switching device with the highest fixed density of 10GE ports per 1 RU.

· BS7700 series data center switch, powerful traffic aggregation and switching device with the highest fixed density of 25GE ports per 1 RU.

· BM1300 series carrier-grade CPE devices installed at customer premises to meet a wide range of customer needs and usage scenarios. BM1300 is built on Intel x.86 processors and offers a variety of interface, performance, and storage options.

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