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BULAT at the working meeting of the heads of the PFR IT departments 11.09.2019

BULAT at the working meeting of the heads of the PFR IT departments

The import substitution issue is becoming more and more relevant today. That is why it was addressed at the meeting dedicated to the management and development of infrastructure in the context of modernization of the AIS of the PFR that had been held in Moscow. To demonstrate effective IT solutions, BULAT brought to the meeting a demonstration stand with its own products. The heads of IT departments of the regional offices of the PFR were able to get acquainted with the developments of BULAT and make sure of the reliability of the domestic manufacturer.

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Vitaly Voronin, Director for Infrastructure Solutions at BULAT LLC, spoke at the annual meeting of the Department of Computing Infrastructure and Communication Systems of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation addressing the issues of Russia-made modern infrastructure solutions.

«For 4 years we have been designing competitive domestic products. We made mistakes, corrected them, and, ultimately, created reliable hardware and software that meets world standards.» Vitaly Voronin said.

«Despite all the difficulties in IT import substitution, we see positive changes. The number of successful Russian IT solutions is growing, domestic developments are becoming more trustworthy. Today I can say with confidence that we can substitute import in real life, not on paper. This was proved, inter alia, by the developments presented by BULAT. Shortly, we are planning to prioritize reliable domestic developments and software to build a reliable infrastructure within the PFR,» Dmitry Zubarev, Deputy Head for Computing Infrastructure and Communication Systems at the PFR, shared his opinion

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Within the framework of the event, BULAT presented the following switches, routers, and subscriber devices:

  • BS7510 switch
  • BS7700 switch
  • BS4100 switch
  • BR100 router
  • BM10 router
  • CPE BM1300

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