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BULAT became the member of  the MCCI 19.11.2019

BULAT became the member of the MCCI

BULAT LLC, the Russian developer, and manufacturer of telecommunications and IT equipment became a member of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), which is the largest association of Russian entrepreneurs.

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The Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the most respected associations of entrepreneurs in our country. It includes representatives from various industries and sectors of the economy. The Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry unites more than 3,800 companies of various levels. Members of the MCCI represent SMEs and also major foreign corporations.

In 2019, BULAT became a partner of the Guild of Information Technologies and Digital Communications. The main goals of the aforementioned Guild for the coming years are to help develop members of the Guild, create equal conditions and healthy competition in the IT industry, and improve the quality of services provided within the industry.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry allows for a constructive dialogue between business and government, and also provides an opportunity to develop cooperation in the international arena. Members of the Chamber represent the expert community of Moscow, whose wishes and recommendations are taken into account by state bodies when developing and adopting new bills. The activity of the expert union is aimed at the formation of laws and projects that will allow the Russian IT industry to correspond to the world level.

Alexander Komarov, General Director of BULAT LLC, notes: “Our company has extensive experience in designing and creating high-tech solutions for the digital industry. Since 2016, BULAT has been developing new types of products in the field of telecom, IT, and IoT. Thanks to the accumulated experience, our expert opinion will be useful for professional Guilds of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We are open to dialogue with all the members of the Chamber and are ready for joint projects in all areas of our professional activities. Membership in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will allow BULAT to establish new contacts and strengthen its position both at the regional, federal, and international levels.”

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