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Controller for metering devices with wireless and RS-485 interfaces, built-in antenna

Controllers of the БВ-С-100-485-B series are designed for reading information from various electrical appliances (pulse water meters, all kinds of sensors, etc.) via a wireless link and transferring it to a data collection and processing server. The equipment is designed to work with devices that broadcast in 868 MHz band. Data are transferred to a server using the standard Ethernet interface.

  • Implementation of Smart Home or similar projects
  • Integration into security, access control and other systems that use wireless devices to transmit data in 868 MHz band supported by the controller
  • Integration into water supply, power supply and other utility systems with large numbers of users (such as apartment buildings) for creating possibilities to remotely take meter readings from all installed meters simultaneously
Features and functions
  • The possibility to collect Information via a radio link from 30 controlled devices simultaneously
  • The possibility to mount an external antenna can significantly increase the initial distance (80 m indoors and 350 m line-of-sight) for receiving information from controlled devices
  • The bandwidth of the Ethernet interface (10/100 Mbps) eliminates the possibility of network congestion and, therefore, failure of data transfer to a server, even when working with all connected devices simultaneously
  • The controller configuration can be controlled via the Ethernet or RS-485 interface (Telnet protocol)


БВ-С-100-485-В article: BA00000504

Controller for metering devices, 868 MHz, RS-485, built-in antenna, 12 V power supply, Ethernet interface (RJ45)

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