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Controller for metering devices with wireless and CAN interfaces, a built-in antenna

Controllers of the БВ-С-100-CAN-В series are used for reading information generated by different equipment (water, gas, electricity meters), all kinds of sensors and other devices supporting the data transfer via the CAN interface or a wireless link in 868 MHz band.

The second task of БВ-С-100-CAN-В controllers is to transfer collected information from the controlled devices to a central server via the Ethernet interface.

  • Creation of automated systems, such as Smart Home or Smart Office
  • Integration of controllers into existing security, alarm and access control systems as auxiliary equipment
  • Building of control systems for electric power and water consumption in apartment buildings, etc.
Features and functions
  • The possibility to connect up to 60 devices via the CAN interface and up to 30 devices via a wireless link
  • The maximum information reading distance via radio channels is 80 m indoors and 350 m line-of-sight. The БВ-С-100-CAN-В controllers support the installation of an additional antenna, which significantly increases the initial data transfer distance
  • Bandwidth of the Ethernet interface can be 10 to 100 Mbps
  • AES-128 encryption support (option)
  • Remote management via the Telnet protocol


БВ-С-100-CAN-В article: BA00000506

Controller for metering devices, 868 MHz, CAN, built-in antenna, 12 V power supply, Ethernet interface (RJ45)

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