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Controller for metering devices with wireless and CAN interfaces, an external antenna

Controllers of the БВ-С-100-CAN-Н series are designed to collect data from various devices, such as household water, gas and electricity meters, motion detectors, power switches, etc. The equipment can be connected via the CAN interface or a wireless link in 868 MHz band. The БВ-С-100-CAN-Н controllers can also send received information to a central data server via the Ethernet interface.

  • Creation of Smart Home systems
  • Organisation of data collection into a single data flow coming from multiple controlled devices connected to the system
  • Remote data reading and monitoring of cold and hot water, gas and electricity meters in apartment buildings and in any other facilities with branched utility and communication systems
Features and functions
  • Data reading from 60 devices connected via the CAN interface, and from other 30 devices connected via a wireless link
  • The possibility to connect an external antenna to enhance the radio signal significantly increases the initial distance of data transfer (80 m indoors and 350 m line-of-sight)
  • The high data transfer rate via the Ethernet port (10/100 Mbps) eliminates delays in data transfer to a server, even with the maximum number of connected devices
  • The possibility of encryption (option) using the AES-128 algorithm will protect transmitted data from reading and modification
  • Remote management via the Telnet protocol


БВ-С-100-CAN-Н article: BA00000505

Controller for metering devices, 868 MHz, CAN, external antenna, 12 V power supply, Ethernet interface (RJ45)

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