Digital БВ-М-100-C4 pulse counters are designed for reading of electrical signals (pulses) sent from cold/hot water pulse meters. The counters are based on a simple principle of operation. When an electrical pulse arrives at the counter’s input, a value stored in the counter’s memory is incremented by one. The accumulated information is recorded in the ROM-memory (256 KB) of the device, where it is stored for a certain period of time (as defined by user), no matter whether power supply is present or not.

The БВ-М-100-C4 counters transmit the data collected from cold and hot water pulse meters to a special controller (installed nearby, within the same apartment, house, office), using a radio link in 433/868 MHz band. Next, the data are sent to a central server controlled by a local management company responsible for provision of housing and communal services.

  • Building of Smart Home and Smart Office systems
  • Upgrading of hot and cold water supply systems in apartment buildings for remote meter reading and monitoring in any of apartments
Features and functions
  • The built-in 10 mW antenna ensures information transfer by a radio link over a long distance within a home, apartment, office through floor structures (ceilings, walls, etc.) or other barriers
  • Frequency modulation and the possibility of data encryption (option) ensure noiseless transfer of signals and protect transmitted data from being intercepted and/or modified
  • Up to 4 hot and cold water meters can be connected to one counter
  • A sophisticated power consumption circuit ensures the 5-year operation of the devices with one pre-installed battery


БВ-М-100-C4 article: BA00000502

Four-channel pulse counter, 433/868 MHz, Meter-Bus protocol, self-powered

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