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Data storage module for SAS JBOD arrays with a data transfer rate up to 12 Gbps

Data storage module for SAS JBOD arrays with a data transfer rate of up to 12 Gbps. Can accept up to 24 front-loading, hot-swappable 2.5” drives. Supports single and double expanders. Well-designed chassis architecture, SAS3 interface support, redundant power supply and cooling systems make the B-PR-224 data storage module a fast and reliable solution with convenient deployment, daily operation and preventive maintenance. Enclosed in a 2U housing.

  • Backup systems
  • Expansion of cloud data storages
  • Online storage for emails
  • Local storage of video content in post-production studios
  • Digital media content database
Features and functions
  • Convenient chassis architecture: easy access to slots
  • 24 seats for 2.5” SAS drives (SFF), SATA drives are also supported
  • High performance: Support for SAS3 interface with a data transfer rate of up to 12 Gbps
  • A lot of reserved slots for expanding array dimension
  • Support for HDD and SSD carriers
  • Automatic detection and configuration of expanders
  • Drive slots support interposer cards
  • SES-2 protocol support
  • Redundant drive subsystem maintains the access to a storage in case of emergency
  • Hot swap support for carriers enables maintenance of the array without shutting down the drive interface
  • Air cooling system: two removable adjustable 60 mm fans
  • 2 removable redundant power supply units


B-PR-224 article: BA00000356

2U form factor, 12Gb/6Gb SAS disk interface, 24x2.5" supported disks of SAS, NL SAS, SATA type

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